Born and raised on the West coast of Australia, Georgia has been tumbling, rolling, jumping and flipping herself through life since she was 6 years old. Kicking off her acrobatic adventure at a young age, Artistic gymnastics became the focus of Georgia’s life after talent scouts encouraged her to pursue the Elite stream. In her career as an Elite Artistic gymnast, Georgia proudly competed Nationally representing her state and Internationally representing Australia. Georgia caught the eyes of her audience from a young age, she was known in the gymnastic world for her beautiful lines, her elegant movement and her dynamic yet graceful performance. At the age of seventeen, Georgia found herself ready to move on from the gymnastics world in search of a new world to explore where she could channel her vast acrobatic training and skill, her desire to nourish and unleash the artist and performer inside of her and a world that would allow her to make a working career out of both…. Circus!


At the age of ninteen Georgia took the leap of faith necessary to pursue this desire and committed to her vision, she flew from one end of the world to the other to take part in the four day audition in Montreal for the National circus school, and with success she found her place. Georgia arrived at school feeling out of her comfort zone and excited, eager to unearth new knowledge and grow. She wanted to explore this world in the air and to grasp what it means to feel grounded as you fly. Georgia's desires drew her to the apparatus named 'Dance Trapeze', to her it is a suspended canvas, a floating terrain.


Georgia will be graduating from the National Circus School in June 2018, ready to explore the professional realm of creating and performing and eager to continue her growth and expansion as an individual, an artist and a human being